The most fun way to learn how to spell, has become even more fun! Whether you are only in preschool, homeschool or already in elementary school. With Super Spelling you can learn how to spell and have fun at the same time!

Ready to become a spelling expert?

Learn how to spell in a fun and compelling way. Super Spelling teaches kids and adults how to spell over 400 words in 9 levels. Start out easy with cvc and four letter words. As the game progresses, things become more challenging.

Earn medals and stars!

Earn rewards like medals and stars for correctly spelled words. Use these achievements to unlock fun mini-games. Have fun with games like memory and wordsearch.

Purpose of the game

Reading and spelling are closely related. Yet learning to spell is a different process for the brain than learning to read. With spelling everything is about putting letters in the right order. That's why we created Super Spelling.

Learn how to spell by dragging letters into the right position below the image. Set letter- and colorhelp corresponding to your own needs. Or use phonics to help you learn.

"Great app. My 4 year old daughter is captivated by it. She is learning how to write. Keep up the good work"

Simon Mall

via Amazon App Store
"My 4-year old loves trying to spell the words! It's easy to use, too. The background music is fun and cheerful."


via Amazon app store
"Super Spelling is a fun app to learn how to read and write new words. "


Unlock and play fun mini-games! *

Mini-games are a fun way to practice your spelling skills even more! You can unlock them by earning stars. Right now you can play memory and wordsearch. But expect some new mini-games soon!

Mini-games grow along with your spelling skills. As you learn new words, all mini-games will uncover them automagically!

* Mini-games are available on tablets only

Super Spelling is the ideal learning companion

This app is a great way to prepare kids for K-12/P-12. Also it is the ideal companion for the first years in primary education. That’s why Super Spelling is used by teachers in elementary schools as well as parents who homeschool.

Super Spelling is for everyone

Super Spelling is aimed at kids aged 4 years and up. Yet everybody who needs some extra spelling practice or anyone who likes to play with language and spelling can use Super Spelling to practice spelling at home or in school. For kids or adults with dyslexia, learning disability or autism spectrum disorder Super Spelling also is an excellent help for learning how to spell.

Let's break down the language barriers of the world!

Super Spelling does more than just improve your English vocabulary. With the same ease kids and adults can learn other languages as well. Super Spelling now contains English, German, Italian and Dutch. Soon French, Spanish and Portuguese are coming up in a free update!

Want to request a language? Leave us a message!

Are you ready? Download 'Super Spelling' now and become a spelling expert with ease!

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